Visit to Streetly Methodist Eco Festival

We spent September 23rd in the delightful beech glade Streetly.

We did the information stall in partnership with Eco Maney (the environmental group at St Peter’s Church, Maney).

We were able to explain about our current projects: Air Quality, contributing to the planning of the Langley Housing Development and the small-scale hydro project at Witton Lakes.

We congratulate the church on arranging such a multi-faceted day of entertainment and information.

Because their theme was trees and the celebration of 800 years of the Forest Charter, they planted a new rowan tree; and collected signatures for the Woodland Trust.


Photo below shows Steve Lyne (Chair of Eco Sutton) & Owen Cain (from St Peter’s Maney) on our joint stall at the 2nd Streetly Methodists Eco Festival.

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