Summary of Briefing to Birmingham City Planning Chair


The purpose of this informal meeting was to provide an overview of Eco Sutton Community Planning activities.

Central to this was the intrinsic link between the major new developments at Langley / Peddimore and the regeneration of the Town Centre.

The slides below feature some of the key themes: the three Sustainability Pillars, Streets for All, Integrated Green Transport, Air Quality, Town Centre Masterplan, new models of living and movement, community vision based on localism principles, eco innovation and green technology, finishing off with the key issue of engagement and community empowerment.

For further details please contact Eco Sutton Group.

Slide One: Cover Slide

Slide Two: Short description of Eco Sutton’s mission from our website

Slide Three: Eco Sutton’s Community Planning is based on the three pillars of sustainability and the illustrated examples: Town Centre regen (economic), Langley Community Development Trust (Social), and Peddimore Micro Grid (Environmental)

Slide Four: Streets for All initiative is illustrative of Eco Sutton campaigning for a less car dominated public realm

Slide Five: Green Transport . . . Eco Sutton is involved with Transport for West Midlands and others in campaigning for integrated transport . . . not simply a take it or leave it means of movement such as fuelled vehicles or buses

Slide Six: Air Quality . . Eco Sutton is facilitating air cleanliness monitoring to raise awareness challenge behaviours and improve standards and health

Slide Seven: Eco Sutton is developing a Community Masterplan to revive the Town Centre . . .this activity arose out of Langley / Peddimore as Eco Sutton believes the two issues are intrinsically linked

Slide Eight: details of the 2009 and 2018 Studies for the Town Centre that Eco Sutton is building upon

Slide Nine: more details of the innovative LOOP and the associated Town Centre regen

Slide Ten: images of new Town Centre Housing adjacent to the proposed new interchange reflecting new models of living and movement

Slide Eleven: a new Community Hub as part of Metro Housing on the site of the Red Rose Centre / Markets which would be central to reviving the Town Centre’s fortunes

Slide Twelve: Eco Sutton’s vision for Langley is firmly community-based citing exemplars such as Marmalade Lane Co-Housing in Cambridge and Derwenthorpe near York

Slide Thirteen: for Langley Eco Sutton proposes a comprehensive range of sustainability innovations based on its experience with the Witton Lodge Community Association

Slide Fourteen: none of this can happen unless there is more community engagement . . . Eco Sutton is working locally to make this happen

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