Langley SUE_Material to Support Outline Planning Applications (from Final SPD)

Langley / Info to Support OPAs (from SPD)


This Blog is a reminder of the commitment in the approved SPD for supporting information to accompany the OPA’s. As follows:

There will need to be a comprehensive, site- wide outline planning application for all of the allocation, which commits all landowners and developers to the overarching approach for development and infrastructure in a proportional and equitable manner. This will allow the next stage of key requirements and parameters to be set  for the development. The Langley (Sutton Coldfield) Consortium is managed through a legal Collaboration Agreement to bring forward an outline planning application for the site.

An approved comprehensive, site-wide approach needs to be in place before detailed planning applications/proposals on individual sites will be considered positively by the City Council. The southern access point onto the A38 is likely to be subject to an initial and separate planning application as part of the Peddimore proposals, and this will need to demonstrate how it contributes to this comprehensive site-wide approach for the development of Langley SUE.

Key place-making information will need to be submitted with the outline planning application, and detailed schemes will need to show how they fit within the agreed site- wide approach. This includes:

  • Site-wide illustrative masterplan to help all stakeholders to visualise and develop a common understanding of the place that Langley SUE will become.
  • Parameter plans showing the spatial distribution of land uses, maximum building heights, a layout and street hierarchy (primary and secondary), gateways, urban design requirements and green infrastructure, with which future proposals must also comply. These plans must clearly relate to existing site assets and landform.
  • Langley Design Framework setting out the design principles that will guide future development, including residential density, blocks (including edges), parking, built form and appearance of the Neighbourhoods, access and movement, and key public spaces.
  • It should also include the approach to public art. Images should be included to illustrate these principles and how they relate to the overall masterplan (including 3D models, building elevations, street scenes, precedent images, and others as necessary).
  • Design Briefs for specific sites and design codes may be used as an alternative or to support the Framework approach where details are not yet available.
  • Design and Access Statement (DAS), to set out how the proposed development is a suitable response to the site and its setting, and demonstrate that it can be adequately accessed. It should set out the principles underpinning the design and how these have taken on board pre-application consultation and design review. The DAS has a different role to the Framework and could be incorporated within it.
  • Site-wide strategies, including the Delivery and Infrastructure Phasing Plan.
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the site as a whole.

The infrastructure funding strategy will need to be secured through appropriate planning conditions and/or captured in a section 106 agreement(s) and, where costs need to be tested, they will be evaluated using a viability assessment methodology to be agreed with the City Council to ensure transparency and consistency across the whole site. This will take into account relevant legislation, best practice and guidance to secure appropriate contributions from all developers and landowners.

To ensure the approach is fair and equitable, a protocol will be established through the outline planning application, and the Section 106 will set out the method for calculating proportionate contributions based on the proposed use of land. Planning Conditions will be used to ensure that all landowners and developers on the site contribute towards this approach.

Where land is not provided, landowners and developers will need to make contributions (land or funding) to ensure the requirements are provided elsewhere. Affordable housing will be agreed as part of each Reserved Matters application in the context of the approved site-wide approach.

The City Council will establish Planning Performance Agreements (PPA) with developers within which the required project management and decision-making structures will be agreed, coordinated and maintained for the project. It will capture the spatial vision and development objectives along with a project plan, programme and key terms of reference and responsibilities.


It will be very important to see the level of commitment to Net Zero Carbon impacts in the plans when submitted. This development  is very impactful, and significant mitigation is required. Eco Sutton and other environmental groups must challenge inadequate proposals which comply only with the required minimum standards.

A green approach is implied in the Birmingham Development Plan and Final SPD. This is what must be delivered.


Photos: are of Derwenthorpe Development York

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