Public Meeting Thurs Oct 13th for Climate Week of Action

Eco Sutton is teaming up with Eco Maney (the St Peter’s Environment Group) to organise a meeting during the week of action called by Christian Aid, who are a member of the Climate Coalition.

There will be two aims to the meeting. The Climate Coalition have asked us to lobby our MP: to urge the government to ratify last year’s Paris Agreement; and to publish their carbon reduction plan. So we will be collecting messages from the meeting to pass to Andrew Mitchell on November 11th [he was invited for Oct 13th, but is busy that week; and offered us a date to see him at his office]. Secondly we will be continuing to build ideas about how Sutton Coldfield can become a Sustainable Town.

We have started to talk to our new Town Council about sustainability; and now wish to propose that they work towards having a Sustainability Charter, on the lines implemented by the Welsh Government.

UK politics and our MPs seem to be giving only a little attention to climate change policies at present, because other topics have monopolised the media headlines. So it is vitally important that we, who are committed to carbon reduction and saving the planet as habitable home, come out in numbers and show that we have not forgotten the need for UK to lead by example and ratify this agreement. So far the countries ratifying have been small and seriously threatened by the effects of climate change. The major economies and large polluters have so far hung back. We can do our bit to change this. John Heywood.

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