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Newsletter Feb 2019

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How much do you recycle?
If the answer is “I put out my recyclables in the council bins”, then you are not recycling as much as you though. The council has reduced its recycling targets, so a good proportion of the recycling waste goes straight to the Tyseley energy from waste plant to be burned; mainly due to the fact that so much waste has been reduced via various initiatives that there is not enough general waste for the plant to use, and the council is contractually obliged to provide a guaranteed amount each year for combustion.
And this was before the waste collectors strikes, so even more is going straight to incineration. If you want o guarantee recycling, take it to the various collection bins at supermarkets, as this is recycled.
Energy Cap
As you will have heard in the news, the energy price cap is going up, by £100 per year, this is the highest price rise in 15 years, so the so called cap that was meant to save consumers money has backfired. Yet another demonstration that the UKs energy policy is in trouble.
The new West Midlands travel maps for Birmingham, West Brom and Smethwick have been issued, and can be obtained from the travel office at New Street Station, near the Stephenson Street exit.
The next least polluting travel method after walking and cycling is the bus and train.
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Can we be the first to wish you a happy Easter— well, the Easter eggs are in the shops already!
How ecological are Easter eggs? – With the large amount of wrapping and boxes, the waste from them is tremendous, and easily avoided—buy some regular chocolate bars instead, less wrapping and cheaper.
Guaranteed Brexit free—Hurrah!
Free water
No, not a mistype, we are looking for volunteers to help us in March to visit cafes,
pubs and restaurants in the area, to persuade the proprietors to give free water to
anyone who comes in with their own reusable water container. This is part of a national
initiative, and will help reduce plastic usage, and reduce the manufacture of
bottled water, which is environmentally unsound in every aspect possible.
Costa, Wetherspoons and Greggs already participate, but we need more. You
would need to visit the various places, either specifically or as part of your usual
shopping/social life, and persuade them to join the scheme, for which they will get a
poster to display in their window, and inclusion on the campaigns website to allow
people to know where to go (And most users of this service tend to also buy other
items, so also a good business move).
Vegan Energy
The Vegan society has recognised Ecotricity as a vegan energy company, this is
because they do not use animal products in their energy mix. Some companies use
methane derived from animal waste to produce biogas, to generate electricity,
whereas Ecotricity only uses vegetable waste for the same purpose.
If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or has any questions they want answered in
relation to energy or the environment, please contact the editor (Details below).
Contact Details:
Editor Roger Low Roger0910@btinternet.com
Chair Steve Lyne Stephenly@live.co.uk
Vice-Chair John Heywood Heywood_John@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.ecosutton.co.uk/