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More on Air Quality

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MP A Mitchell with Maney Hill School pupils

MP A Mitchell with Maney Hill School pupils

This is a copy of the cutting from Sutton Observer showing our MP and Maney Hill Primary pupils at the installation of the first set of our air monitoring tubes.

On Sept 21st we met with MP Andrew Mitchell and City Councillor Andrew Hardie (Dr Hardie is a GP and serves on the City’s Health Scrutiny Committee – he has supported our work for 2 years).

We explained that the results from our second set of monitoring tubes is expected any day.  As they were up for 2 weeks during the school holidays they may show a difference in readings from the term time survey.

We were encouraged to use our data by contacts with the schools and by a report to the Town Council who part-sponsored our purchase of the tubes.

Our other sponsor was the Postcode Lottery.

Visit to Streetly Methodist Eco Festival

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We spent September 23rd in the delightful beech glade Streetly.

We did the information stall in partnership with Eco Maney (the environmental group at St Peter’s Church, Maney).

We were able to explain about our current projects: Air Quality, contributing to the planning of the Langley Housing Development and the small-scale hydro project at Witton Lakes.

We congratulate the church on arranging such a multi-faceted day of entertainment and information.

Because their theme was trees and the celebration of 800 years of the Forest Charter, they planted a new rowan tree; and collected signatures for the Woodland Trust.


Photo below shows Steve Lyne (Chair of Eco Sutton) & Owen Cain (from St Peter’s Maney) on our joint stall at the 2nd Streetly Methodists Eco Festival.

Results of Air Quality Monitoring in July

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We put up the monitoring tubes on July 7th, starting at Maney Hill School, with local MP Andrew Mitchell in attendance to talk to the children about the importance of preserving our environment. Picture below.

The tubes were measuring the level of nitrogen dioxide.

The results of the analysis of the tubes (as seen in the chart below)  showed several things:

1 that the air quality in High Street (ironically outside Mr Mitchell’s office) would exceed the legal limit if the same reading was maintained all year.

2 that the next worse place that we measured was outside the Girls’ Grammar School.

3 the readings at Bishop Vesey’s School showed a noticeable difference between the reading on the main Lichfield Road and the minor Boswell Road; similarly thee was a difference between Jockey Road and Goldieslie Road opposite.

4 the readings outside the primary schools were at levels that would not cause general health concerns.

How much NO in each tube July2017

Resultsin µg/m3 (micrograms per cubic metre):


Tube location Date up Time up Date down Time down µ g/m3  Above or below legal limit? Number
B73 6AT 07/07/2017 08:50 21/07/2017 18:05 28.4 below No. 1 – Brassington Avenue/

Lower Reddicroft

B75 6BL 07/07/2017 09:20 21/07/2017 18:50 13.7 below No. 2 – Whitehouse Common

School, 42 Cortsmore Road


B75 6BL 07/07/2017 09:30 21/07/2017 18:50 10.5 below No. 3 – Whitehouse Common

School, 40 Cotysmore Road

B73 6LD 07/07/2017 10:25 21/07/2017 18:25 16.1 below No. 4 – Bishop Vesey School,

Boswell Road

B74 2NH 07/07/2017 10:31 21/07/2017 18:20 27.8 below No. 5 – Bishop Verey School

opposite 57 Lichfield Road

B72 1JW 07/07/2017 19:00 21/07/2017 19:25 13.1 below No. 6 – Maney Hill School,

North side

B72 1JW 07/07/2017 19:00 21/07/2017 19:26 12.3 below No. 7 – Maney Hill School

south side

B76 1XS 07/07/2017 12:40 21/07/2017 19:15 24.1 below No. 8 – Shrubbery School,

Walmley Ash Road

B76 2RD 07/07/2017 12:25 21/07/2017 19:10 15.5 below No. 9 – 51 FoxHollies Road
B74 4LD 07/07/2017 13:10 21/07/2017 18:36 14.8 below No. 10 – 189 Clarence Road
B72 1UX 07/07/2017 10:45 21/07/2017 18:10 40.4 above No. 11 – 18 High Street

by crossing

B72 1UP 07/07/2017 10:50 21/07/2017 18:15 42.7 above No. 12 – 34 High Street
B73 5PE 07/07/2017 11:05 21/07/2017 19:30 21.4 below No. 13 – 1 Goldieslie Road

(Little Ripley Nursery)

B73 5PT 07/07/2017 11:10 21/07/2017 19:34 35.0 below No. 14 – Jockey Road

(outside Grammar school)

B73 5US 07/07/2017 11:20 21/07/2017 19:40 23.2 below No. 15 – 239 Jockey Road,

St Nicholas Church and School

B73 5US 07/07/2017 11:25 21/07/2017 19:44 25.1 below No. 16 – Jockey Road,

St Nicholas School

B73 5PH 07/07/2017 18:05 21/07/2017 19:38 19.6 below No. 17 – 63 Jockey Road
B75 7PD 07/07/2017 18:25 21/07/2017 19:00 16.5 below No. 19 – 368 Rectory Road