Daily Archives: November 9th, 2016

Hydro scheme start comes nearer

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Witton Lodge CA on the advice of Eco Sutton are about to commission the firm Ham Baker to do a topographical survey (paid for by Lottery Funding) that will lead to a definite price being given for the pico-hydro scheme at Witton Lakes.

Next significant move is on November 30th when we explain to the Post-code Lottery what progress we have made.

Implementing the Paris Agreement

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Eco Sutton is working with the new Town Council to devise a Sustainability Agenda.

And it will be talking to Andrew Mitchell MP on how local implementation of the government’s carbon reduction strategy can be initiated locally by encouraging citizens to plan reductions that fit this town.

Air quality from the High Court to Sutton High Street

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Air quality is in the news.  The government has once again been ordered in a court case to do better.

Birmingham City Council points out that 900 deaths per year have cause partly attributable to air pollution.

But Eco Sutton is taking action.  We have bought a Clean Space Tag which will enable us to take readings of air quality, around the town at places we reckon will give high readings.

This information will be contributed to the city’s working party.  The city council is working on the creation of a clean air zone; and in general in improving air quality by pushing the use of cleaner vehicles.