What Is Eco Sutton

We are a group that has been gaining ground for some years in Sutton Coldfield and Erdington: our mission is to promote a more sustainable way of life; and to implement locally the agreement reached at the UN Paris Conference in December 2015.  We believe that local community initiatives are needed to complement national and international action to save our planet from global mean temperature rises caused by greenhouse gases.  We seek the following:

  • to encourage an exchange of information on methods of raising the standards of energy conservation in our homes;
  • to encourage more local fruit & vegetable growing; and to promote the supply and purchase of locally grown produce;
  • to promote walking, cycling, use of public transport and car-sharing in order to reduce emissions and to encourage a healthier lifestyle;
  • to arrange events that publicise sustainable living and devise viable local initiatives, for example the use of renewable energy and increased recycling;
  • to make and maintain contacts with other environmental organisations.

If you support these aims, please get in touch!

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